Mauser 98k sniper models
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1. Mauser 98k with Ajack 4x scope.

2. Mauser 98k with 1.5x zeilfenrhor 41 (ZF 41) scope.

3. Mauser 98k with ZF 4x scope, production Gustloff Werke.

4. Mauser 98k Czech production.

5. Mauser 98k with Ajack 4x scope.

6. Mauser 98k with 4x Dialytan scope. Production Gustloff Werke.

7. Mauser 98k with 4x Dialytan scope. Model Kreigsmodell.

8. Mauser 98k with with 4x czech scope.


Mauser 98k in sniper version


Mounting on side of receiver with screws


Sniper Mauser with cleaning rod and ammo


View from other side


BNZ scope mounting on receiver.


Scope mounting for SS


Standard mounting (see waffenamts)


Scope mounting on side of receiver was mounted with three screws.


Another side view (see waffenamts)


Short scope mounting


ZF-41 type scope mounting


Mauser 98k with scope










Really rare Mauser 98k with scope and special disassembling stock


Unfortunately the scope mounting was broken


Closer view


Main view


Sniper Mauser model 98A


Next example how to mount scope to receiver


Another side view


Mauser with scope



Excavation mauser with scope


View on parts after disassembling


Disassembled scope in good condition


Another view


Top view on scope mounting


Sniper Mauser


Close view on scope