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Last update 12 February 2013


My name is Michal Starega and I live in beautiful town called Jelenia Gora in Poland (see the map). I'm 30 years old. I was studding on Karkonoski College (Electrical Engineering & Telecommunication). I'm interesting with Mausers and other 2WW weapons since years. I hope my English isn't too bad, and if someone would help me with info about pictures etc. I will be very happy :D

Some pictures on this page it was from my collection... but most I receive from people who like mausers just like me from around the world. I answer of all the e-mails I receive if I can (sometimes I really don't have time so sorry if you didn't receive any replay). But I help everyone who needs it... of course if I can :D

THANK YOU FOR VISITING THIS PAGE!! This is very motivating for me. This is great!


Some photos from my hometown:


Two views from my window :D

Click for zoom...