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At first I dont't have any Mauser parts or sell something connected with it. Photos in this site isn't showing any existing collection, just was sent to me with many peoples from all of the wold. You shcould use this site as information page for people interested in II WW German rifles I ansewer on all E-mails with all infos i have, so i can hepl if i can. Of course sometimes i don't have time so some mails have to wait. This is the third version of this site. The first relase was in 2003 and only in Polish language. The second Polish relase contains first English language version. The popularity of this site is really amazing. Site was made absolutly for free in free times and existing for free too, so really thanks for place on server which was given for me to this site, without any cost. So you can't find any unwanted popups or something like that. It's almost complete information book about Mauser 98k rifles in Internet. So you could use all information from this page to increse your informations, and knowledge.

Thanks for all E-mails which motivating me to make updates on this page and new language support - like russian and german... comming soon

With best wishes for You! Please take a look at site....



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